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    When she opened them again, she caught sight of him.
    She had seen him before. Last Saturday. When she stood on the balcony that belonged to their holiday apartment. The balcony was closed off on both sides by a high, plastered wall, and the complex was built in such a way that the apartments were staggered with the balconies facing away from each other. When you looked straight ahead, there were only the white buildings and the sky to be seen. She had leaned over the wall and stretched her neck in an attempt to glimpse the sea when she spotted him on the balcony sloping to the right below theirs.

    He sat in a chair with his eyes closed and legs spread. He was naked. The muscles in his right arm moved in time with the hand. She stood as if paralyzed, unable to look away from his crotch. As the movement paused for a brief moment, she looked up at his eyes, which looked horny into hers. The confident smile on his lips held her tight, and she felt an electric current through her abdomen as he continued to massage his lust out into small spasmodic jerks. Afterwards, she had sat for a moment on the balcony, her heart pounding wildly, before entering the bathroom and taking a long, hot bath...